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Take the Challenge

The Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, together with our partners and sponsors, area farmers, restaurants, and businesses, wants you to become a locavore for the month of June! You decide how strict you want to be – you can decide to be a locavore for every meal of the month, or you can go as low as a few meals a week. (Locavore is defined here as sourcing ingredients from within 150 miles of St Louis.) Hopefully this Challenge will motivate you to incorporate more locally-grown and produced foods into your diet.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign in blood or make big promises you can’t keep, instead this Challenge provides an opportunity to stretch yourself and try new things. See how many meals you can eat using only foods grown or raised within 150 miles. Visit a new restaurant that incorporates local food into their offerings. If you want to eat or drink something that we can’t grow in our region, use someone local. For instance, if you know you need coffee, support a local roaster or coffee shop. We have almost as many coffee roasters and shops as we do local microbreweries!!

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Each week set a goal for you and/or your family. You have 21 meals a week (not including snacks.) How many of those will have a locally-sourced item or items. When you dine out, what restaurants can you patronize that supports and sell locals products? When you go out for coffee or a beer, where will you go to get locally roasted or locally brewed products? What about chocolate? You may be surprised to learn, that St. Louis now also has access to lots of locally produced spirits—so you can even DRINK local.

You will get a goal sheet to fill out and this will be your Challenge. At the end of the Challenge we will ask you to complete an on-line survey using the data you collected. We imagine a powerful regional impact from many individual acts of eating and drinking. POWER TO THE FORK!


The Local Food Challenge provides the chance to explore new local food and beverage offerings and for you to support local food artisans. This strengthens our city and our region. Eating locally grown foods that are raised sustainably can strengthen our environment by supporting farmers using sustainable farming methods. This helps the soil and water, which helps the nutrition of the plants and animals, which helps our bodies.

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